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Puppy Head Start

Training Programs & Rates   

Puppy Boot Camp               

2 weeks


  • Introducing a collar & leash

  • Introducing the crate and continued night time and day time crate training

  • Marker training using the command "YES!" and "NO"

  • Learning attention, motivation and their name

  • Housetraining Part 1 - the "GO POTTY" cue

  • Sit to say please and using a target hand

  • Puppy biting, barking, jumping, and more

  • Continued socialization

Puppy Basic Training

4 weeks


  • Includes all of the curriculum in the Puppy Boot Camp

  • "SIT"

  • "DOWN"

  • "STAY" and the release cue "OK"

  • "COME"

  • Basic leash walking and the "Let's Go" cue

  • "WATCH ME"

  • "TOUCH"

  • Doorway manners and "WAIT"

  • "LEAVE IT"

  • Housetraining Part 2 - Potty Bell Training

  • Continued socialization field trips

* All training packages include our Puppy Kit and Care Package

Puppy Kit Includes:


Collar, leash, potty training bells, tug toy, chew toy, food/water bowls, snuggle puppy, & lifetime membership to Baxter & Bella online puppy school. 

Care Package Includes:


One vet visit for age appropriate puppy vaccinations (2nd series of vaccinations)

One grooming visit (includes ears, nails, bath, brush, trim around eyes, ears, feet, and sanitary areas) 

Meet our Trainers

1L9A9754 (1).jpg

Katie Barker


Hi there, I am Katie Barker. I am one of Max and Cindy’s many daughters-in-law and because of that, I have been part of the Red Desert Doodles team since the very beginning.  I was even there when they whelped their very first litter of puppies. I married to their fourth son, Jeremy. We have 2 young children and our dog Kona (who is part of the breed program). I also groom dogs from my home during the week. My hands are full on the daily basis and I thrive when I am kept busy. 


I’m a small town girl and my love for animals started at a young age when I participated in the 4-H and FFA programs. I showed hogs, sheep, and goats in many livestock shows. That required me to be diligent in training the animals as well as caring for them daily.

Growing up we had a dog named Bouch who taught me what the companionship of an animal could really do for a family. My family got him before I was even born so I only knew life with him in it. He saw our family through the good times and the bad times. Dogs are very special animals and seem to just know what you need before you do sometimes.

As part of the Red Desert Doodles team I have been with puppies from the very beginning. I have helped with the breeding of dogs, whelping of puppies, Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), puppy socialization, crate training, puppy pick-up days, and basically everything in between. I love these dogs and I look forward to spending extra time loving your sweet puppy as I start the basics of training with them. I’m excited for you to be adding a Red Desert Doodle to your family and hope we can build a friendship and trust together. 

shawna 1.jpg

Shawna Iverson


Hello! My name is Shawna Iverson and I’m so excited to be a part of the Red Desert Doodles team. I live in Hurricane, Utah with my husband, two active boys, and 3 dogs. 


I have a love and passion for animals! I grew up with horses and fell in love with ground work and training. There wasn’t a day I wasn’t in the horse stall with my hands on them. During a tough time in life, my horse, Hercules, helped me through a really bad bout of postpartum depression after the birth of my second son. 

I also love working with and training dogs. Dogs (and horses) teach us so much about ourselves and can be the mirror we need to change and heal. 

Even with all my animal training experience, I have loved the extra tools I’ve gained from Baxter and Bella. 

I look forward to working with you and your sweet puppy and hope to help create a life long bond between the two of you.

When I’m not working with dogs you can find me on the sidelines of my boys basketball, football, and baseball games (I’m the really loud mom). I am a yoga instructor and love working with and teaching yoga to athletes...especially my sons' teammates. I also enjoy photography. I’ve been taking photos for 16 years and love capturing memories one photo at a time.

Lauren & Murphy.jpg

Lauren Tingey


Two years ago we welcomed our first dog, Murphy, to our family.


We really wanted our puppy to be a member of our family and not just a pet. What we discovered was the difference between a member of the family and a pet was the amount and quality of training. The time invested in foundation training prepares a special place for your new family member.


Before Murphy came home, I did a lot of research to be ready. During the training process I became frustrated if there was a behavior that Murphy was exhibiting that was undesirable. I quickly saw that a dog that understood boundaries created a harmonious home.

My husband is a mental health therapist and owns a business training other mental health therapists to use horses and horsemanship skills to treat clients. His perspective, knowledge and patience in training horses to use in therapy has been a huge benefit. Dogs, like horses, also crave direction and leadership, and are happiest when clear rules are laid down by a consistent, reliable but loving leader.


My husband, son Aiden (16), daughter Brynn (12) and I have lived in Hurricane for 15 years. I am a registered dietitian and currently teach an adjunct nutrition class at Utah Tech University. My hobbies include cooking, reading, learning, and organizing.


I’m excited to share all the training tools I’ve learned with you. I’m honored to help your dog become a valued member of your family.

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