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About Us

Red Desert Doodles Australian Labradoodle family

Who We Are


We are the Barker Family.  We live in the Red Desert Region of Southwestern Utah, hence the name Red Desert Doodles.  We have seven sons (yes, seven), six daughters-in-law, and fifteen grandchildren. 


We feel very blessed to have all of our sons and their families living close to us where we can see them often and spend time together.  Our favorite pastimes include relaxing by our pool, playing pickleball, barbecuing, camping, hiking, and anything else outdoors.  And of course, we love dogs!  With a name like Barker, how can we not love dogs?

How We Got Started


We had been breeding, raising, and training German Shorthaired Pointers for the over 25 years and we didn’t start small.  Our very first litter had 13 puppies!  We loved our shorthairs, but they were high energy and require lots of training to get them to the point of being a finished hunting dog. 


We wanted to spend more time with our grandkids and less time training hunting dogs.  So, we began our search for the perfect family companion. 

Australian labradoodle breeders

Max & Cindy Barker

Grandkids with Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Why Australian Labradoodles?


We were searching for a dog that has a very calm temperament that would be good with our grandchildren.  We also wanted a dog that was allergy friendly and didn’t shed…and the rest is history. 


We got our first Australian Labradoodle, Penny.  We were so in love with her and her calm temperament that we decided to continue our breeding program, just with a different breed of dog.

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