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Red Desert Doodles australian labradoodle breeder

Red Desert Doodles is a breeder of multi-generational miniature, medium, and standard size Australian Labradoodles.  As our name implies, we are located in the Red Desert Region of Southwest Utah near Zion National Park.  All of our dogs are raised in our home as part of our family or in loving guardian homes, where they get the love and attention that they deserve.  It is our goal to offer the very best quality dogs with great temperaments, conformation, and health. 

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This litter has availability


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Red Desert Doodles is a breeder of multi-generational miniature, medium, and standard size Australian Labradoodles.  


Red Desert Doodles is a breeder of multi-generational miniature, medium, and standard size Australian Labradoodles.  

Australian Labradoodle

 "The Original Labradoodle"

What is an "original" Australian Labradoodle?


The Australian Labradoodle is different from all other labradoodles.  In the early days, the Australian Labradoodle was simply a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle.  Dogs from this cross typically were bred to each other over future generations, whereby the Australian dogs are also know as "Multi-generational" Labradoodles. 


Then, in the late 1980's, Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, the two founders of the Australian Labradoodle as we know it today, began carefully infusing several other breeds into early generations of their Lab/Poodle crosses, to improve temperament, coat, conformation, and size.  The infused breeds include Irish Water Spaniel as well as the American and English Cocker Spaniel.  The resulting labradoodles subsequently have been bred to each other, continuing the multi-generational tradition.


Today, Australian Labradoodles are wonderful, intelligent dogs with lush coats that are more reliably low to non-shedding and allergy friendly than other types of Labradoodles such as first generation Lab/Poodle crosses, or first generation crosses bred back to Poodles.  Even when the other types of Labradoodles are bred on for generations, the result is not an Australian Labradoodle, as the attributes of the infused breeds were not included in their ancestry.


The Australian Labradoodle Club of America was founded exclusively to foster and protect the original Australian Labradoodles that have come directly from Tegan Park and Rutland Manor breeding stock, or their offspring.  Our mission is to maintain and improve the quality and soundness of the Australian Labradoodles, and to carefully monitor the further development of the breed.  All member breeders are carefully screened to help ensure the future of the Australian Labradoodle.  Our member breeders must breed to the highest standards.  We have Breeder Mentors to assist member breeders and to help new breeders get off to a good start.  


- Australian Labradoodle Club of America

Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Advantages of an Australian Labradoodle

Allergy Friendly Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Allergy Friendly

Our dogs have soft, allergy-friendly fleece coats. If someone in your family has allergies, a multi-generation Australian Labradoodle from Red Desert Doodles should be your first choice.

Low to no shedding puppies

Low to No Shedding

One of the main advantages of a multi-generational Australian Labradoodles is that they do not shed.

Health Tested Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Fully Health Tested

We adhere to strict health standards on all our dogs.  Each of our breeding dogs is fully health tested before they are eligible for breeding.  Our puppies all come with a two year health guarantee.

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