Australian Labradoodle Breeders Help Make-A-Wish Foundation Grant Wish!

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

When we started Red Desert Doodles, we did so with the intention of helping families grow and experience the joy and happiness that comes from having a dog as a member of their family.

We wanted to share with you an amazing story that resulted from two Australian Labradoodle breeders who worked together to help a girl named Kiki.

Teresa, a wish granting volunteer with Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington was searching for an older, already trained dog that would make a good family pet and companion for an 11-year old wish child, Kiki.

We were made aware of the situation and contacted Teresa to see how Red Desert Doodles could help. We didn’t have any older dogs at the time, but we let Teresa know that we would reach out to other Australian Labradoodle breeders to see what we could find. We really had a strong feeling that this was something that we needed to get involved in and, of course, really wanted to make this girl’s wish come true.

We knew that it may be a shot in the dark to find an older dog that fit the bill, but we were determined to find her a canine companion for Kiki and went to work. Within a couple of days, we heard from an Australian Labradoodle breeder in the Atlanta, Georgia area. They had a 6-year old, female Australian Labradoodle named Esther that they had recently retired from their breeding program. They had raised Esther from a puppy and she was part of their family. Coincidentally, they also had an 11- year old special needs daughter. Despite the difficulty in parting with Esther, they knew that she was meant to be with Kiki and that they had been preparing Esther for this new adventure in her life.

After corresponding via Facebook messenger for several days with the breeder, we finally put the breeder in contact with Teresa so that they could make arrangements for Esther to meet her new family. Sometimes the stars just seem to align and everything comes together. That is exactly what happened in this case.

After several weeks of planning, preparation, and making flight arrangements, Esther was finally ready to go to her new home. Esther was put on a plane in Atlanta, Georgia for her trip across the country to meet her new best friend and forever family. Esther was met at the Seattle, Washington airport by Make-A-Wish volunteers Teresa and Maddie, where she was then delivered to Kiki and her family.

The breeder was gracious enough to donate Esther to her new family. We are certainly grateful for their goodness and generosity. Red Desert Doodles donated the cost of the airfare to fly Esther from Atlanta, Georgia to Seattle, Washington, as well as the cost of health certificate, shipping crate, collar, leash, wire kennel, dog bed, and dog food.

We were so grateful that we were able to play a part in helping make Kiki’s wish come true. This was truly an amazing experience that we won’t soon forget.

Australian Labradoodles truly make great family dogs. They are intelligent, friendly, easy to train, love to be around people, and most of all, they have a calm temperament. Not to mention, they are allergy friendly and non-shedding.

If you’re ready to grow your family, let Red Desert Doodles make YOUR wish come true! To see our upcoming litters of Australian Labradoodle puppies, click here.

To read the full inspiring story about Kiki and her wish for a companion dog, click here.

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