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  • Morning nap time in the crate

  • Day-time crate training session for 45 minutes

  • Practiced name recognition - 2 sessions

  • 2nd nap in the crate

  • Session learning the target hand



  • 20 minute crate session in the morning and afternoon

  • Take outside every 30 minutes for potty break

  • Socialization field trip to the hair salon

  • Name recognition

  • Slept in crate from 10 pm to 6 am.  Trainer had crate next to her and Luna did much better as long as she could smell the trainer's hand next to her crate.



  • Crate introduction

  • Bath & blow dry

  • 40 minute day-time crate session in the afternoon

  • Fireworks sound desensitization

  • Socialization field trip to son's baseball practice

  • Night-time crate training - first night away from littermates was a little rough.  Luna cried in her crate for a couple hours until the crate was moved next to trainer and the trainer's hand was placed near the crate door.